Suspended Part 3

For those of you who are new to the situation, you can read the earlier parts of the story:
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It seems the teacher at the core of this situation has some views on the situation. He thinks the situation is a bit out of hand. He thought my son would only be disciplined by the one administrator when the teacher gave the picture to this administrator. It turns out the teacher was amused by the picture of the dragon attacking him that my son drew. The fact that he does *not* particularly feel threatened is a good thing for the assessment.

My son drew a picture of a dragon attacking a teacher. Does this sound like a child, an 11 year old, who is a real danger? Columbine has made people a tad over sensitive.

Well the good news is that my son will be back in school on Monday. The bad news is that the situation is not resolved, and technically he is still suspended. But on Monday, he will be on an in-school suspension. That means he will be in the office doing his school work instead of the classroom. They could still decided to expel him.

And the situation is still up in the air. Whoever it is that has to meet to assess the situation have not gotten around to it, and with Thanksgiving next week, they might not resolve it for a while yet.

There are some people in my son's school who are really working hard to try to fix this situation as fast as possible. I am very thankful to those people.

We had contacted a counselor my son had gone to when he was about 6 back in New Jersey. We were pretty sure she was the one who had told my son he could draw a picture to express his feelings if he was having trouble with the words. But she refused to get involved, she said it has been 'too long' since she dealt with him. 5 years is too long to say if you told him to draw pictures? You can't just answer yes or no? You have to cop out with saying it was 'too long'? I don't buy it.

But the thing that really bothers me about the whole situation is that it stems from my son wanting to do harder work. My son can be reluctant to do school work at times. So in a situation when he wants to do work - harder work - what happens? He gets punished. His parents get punished. People in his school are doing a bunch of extra work. So I have to some how make sure to encourage his wanting to do harder work, and make sure that he knows he can't do anything else to get suspended or expelled. I've made sure he understands how many ways what he did was wrong. Yes I think they overreacted. But I understand why they reacted that way. And I respect that they have to make sure to keep things safe. And it is important from my son to respect what his school says. And I know they will be watching him a lot closer from now on.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that things really have gotten out of hand. And it was only a dragon? Really. I hope things work out for yall.
Is homeschooling an option again or is it out of the question?

Anna Banana

Anonymous said...

I think kids hearing contradictions is sad...draw when you are feeling something. But don't draw that! I grew up with some contradiction that I won't get into. I hope this doesn't keep him from drawing and being creative. It is a situation that has had me thinking. I read the three posts and just don't have a solid opinion on it. Suspension? hmm...I just don't know if I agree with that. I'm not saying nothing should be done. Now I'm just typing to cover my ass incase someone anonymous misinterprets me =)