Suspended Day

In Colorado they are still rather touchy on the subject of any threat of violence in school.

My eldest boy was drawing a picture when a teacher came by. It seems the picture showed some sort of violence against another teacher. I know him, it was probably just a silly cartoon.
But they reacted very strongly and very quickly. He has been suspended for probably the rest of this week. The issue has to go to a treat assessment team to decide if he will be let back in.
And it seems that he narrowly missed getting arrested. If he had handed it to the teacher or spoken to anyone he could have been arrested. Sounds excessive to me.

He was sorry and a little bit upset. But not very upset.
So I figured I had to take him to work with me. Luckily they are really good about that at work. Of course what are they going to do if they don't like it? Let me go? They are already letting me go. I got official email notice yesterday that my contract officially ends Dec 3. I had hoped they might get smart, but it seems management has a policy, and all consultant are not being renewed in out area.

He seemed to think it was a vacation day, as he kept asking to play computer games.
I let him know that this is not about having fun.

He wrote an apology letter to the teacher in his comic. He read a little. Then he complained about being hungry and wanting to play. No playing.

I figured it might be a good time to get him working creatively on the computer. So I set up a gmail account for him and a blog. So far he has done a little writing, but not as much as I would like. He added a guestmap. He put 3 simple entries. Guess it is a start. He posted a comment on a friend's daughter's blog pointing back to his blog. He sent email to some grandparents and an aunt to look at his blog.

He says he knows better than to try to get in suspention again, but we will have to see.

The truth is, with him being homeschooled, and his attitude, and his parent's history, I expected something like this sooner. Especially with Colorado's zero tolerance policies. It just seems a bit extreme. Hopefully things will be straightened out soon. The fact that he is assessed with extra needs may make things a little easier.

I'm not sure how well I can take 3 days of him at work with me. I know I'll manage, but still, he is an intense person.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope these 3 days pass quickly for the both of you.


Zee said...

Wow... reading that whole thing was a bit intense. I guess I can understand both sides. Of course, the school would react that way, after all, what happened in Colorado was extreme. It shouldn't have happened at all.

It's good that he's already understanding of what happened. He'll go through all his emotions, and in the end have a different perspective of this event.

A blog is a great outlet for a child! Sometimes that is all a child needs, an outlet for both feelings and creativity. My son has one, and he uses it fairly often. :o)

Hope the rest of the week goes by fast for you Keith. Just another stepping stone in the path of life.

Stef said...

It sounds like they went a little overboard in this case, but better safe than sorry. Kids do get frustrated in school and some do much worse than draw a picture. Would they have preferred he "act out" or pick a fight with another student? Or worse? Last month there were bomb threats at the high school my sons graduated from, and they have yet to find the person(s) responsible. If I were a teacher, I'd be more afraid that there is a person capable of blowing my school off the map than a frustrated kid who only drew out his frustrations on paper with no intention of acting on them.

The whole reason I keep my blog is to have someplace to vent. It keeps me somewhat sane. I hope that your son finds the same outlet with his blog that I have with mine.

Moogie said...

Sorry to hear that you are gong through all of this. I hope it works out for you.