Suspended Day - A Couple of Details

I found out a couple of more details to the situation.

It seems that yes, my son had drawn a picture of killing his teacher. It seems he was mad at the teacher. And he didn't know how to say it in words, and he had been told by a people back in New Jersey that if he was having trouble, he could draw a picture of how he felt.

But it gets interesting. Want to know why he was mad at his teacher?

He had been switched from one class to another situation. The teacher gave him words that my son thought were too simple. My son wanted harder words.

The teacher told him to prove himself with the easy words, then he would be given harder words.

My son refused to do the simple words. He wanted the harder words right away. The teacher refused. So my son was frustrated. Instead of doing the simple words and proving himself, he decided to draw some cartoons to show his frustration, and to prove that they couldn't make him do the work.

Sigh. It is just so stupid. All the way around. I had to laugh when I heard that he had drawn the picture because he wasn't given hard enough work.

So what do they do with a student who wants harder work? They suspend him, so that his parents are punished.


Anonymous said...

The fact that your son drew a picture of killing his teacher certainly says a lot about him. The fact that you seem to accept it and make excuses for him speaks volumes about your parenting style. The whole "NOT MY CHILD" excuse is so old I could puke. Guess you'll finally get it when he draws a picture of killing you when he's "frustrated".

Trinity said...

This anonomous person above is totally pathetic. I afraid your society is in grave danger of imploding with this awful zero tolerance policy. I do realise what you've been trough and the hurt and shock you all felt, but this is a child. A little boy. Full of imagination and fresh hope for the future. A child who reads, likes sci fi and magic. Harry Potter, his dark materials (philip pullman) I tell you what? why not burn those books for fear another child may draw a man eating dragon. No lets go the whole hog...lets burn the children?
See? this hysteria is wrong. He didn't hit anyone, shout at anyone, he wasn't rude. He never drew a gun, a knife. It was a dragon. An IMAGINARY dragon eating his teacher, Sounds fair enough to me. I wished far worse things on mine when I couldn't do trig or maths.
Americans!! think before you write such trash. Think of the consequences.
And support your children and show them the right way, the compassionate way to a better future for this sad world.
Trinity x