Sorry on Blogrolling

I have an apology to make to a bunch of my blog friends.

A week ago I whined that it looked like no one was blogrolling me.

Since then, I've had two people showing up in blogrolling. But that is not why I need to say sorry.

I'm sorry for putting too much importance on having people linking back to me.

I'm also very sorry to a number of friends that have blogrolled me, but *I* messed up seeing that they linked to me.
I suddenly realized when I was on blogrolling, that I had another URL pointing to this blog. I gave out the link: http://blog.kah731.com to a number of people, especially earlier on. It is just a hidden frame that points to the blogger server for my blog: http://kah731.blogspot.com.
When I typed in the blog.kah731.com, I saw another friend that has been blogrolling linking me for a long time. Then I took a page from blogshares, which sometimes catalogs a site both with and without the trailing slash in the URL. When I took the slash off, I had more friends linking me.

Boy do I have egg on my face. I'm so sorry to all my friends that I should not have judged in the first place, and sorry again that I mis-judged you.
And I think most of it is my own fault for putting different URLs when commenting on other blogs.

Here are all the wonderful people who link to me via blogrolling:
From http://blog.kah731.com/:
From: http://blog.kah731.com:
From: http://kah731.blogspot.com/:

And that is just the people who use blogrolling to link back to me.
It would probably take at least another half hour to find and report on all the great people who link to me by other methods.

My blog-friends and linkers: Please accept my apologies and thanks!

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