Nobody Blogrolling Me?

Accoriding to wholinkstome there are a bunch of links to me.
I know only some people use blogrolling, and I've seen other people have me in their lists of linked blogs.

I have 30+ people in my blogrolling list on the side --->

But wholinestome shows that nobody appears to be linking to here.

Should I care?
Should I remind others to blogroll me? (Feels like begging or nagging.)
Should I delete the ones I blogroll who use blogroll and don't blogroll me? (Seems petty.)
Should I assume something is wrong with wholinksme? (I've peaked at a couple sites, I'm not there, do I need to do a full inventory?)
Should I assume something is wrong with blogroll for my site, and people just can't add me for some reason? (Could it be that simple?)
Maybe it is because I haven't done '100 things' yet. :)

What would you do? :)


Lisa said...

I've been linking to you for a few weeks now; so I'd assume wholinkstome stinks.


Keith said...

I really do appreciate all the other blogs who have taken the time to put a link to me on their pages someplace.

But I was specifically talking about the 'blogrolling' app on the side of my blog. Instead of manually putting in all my links, I signed up at blogrolling.com, added blog URLs there, and put a bit of script on my site. Then blogrolling pulls up my list of linked blogs. Blogrolling gives you a couple of easy ways to add URLs. Of course, the service isn't perfect - they have had some glitches in the past.
I know at least a few of the blogs I put into blogrolling.com use blogrolling on their sites too. But I think that none of those people that use blogrolling have linked me back. I'd be happy to admit I was wrong and that wholinkstome is wrong - but I'm not sure I am. I guess I will have to inventory to see.

Lisa said...

Ahh, blogrolling. I used that a long time ago but it kept going down, then Tucows took over and it went South fast. ;)

You can go straight to the source (rather than wholinkstome) to verify their results:


which does seem accurate.


In answer to the question in your post, my personal take on it. Blogroll people who's sites you enjoy; comment on their sites every once in awhile and eventually they'll start linking back to you.

That is the theory that I use, anyway. I wouldn't stress over it too much. =)

Lisa said...

I agree with what the other Lisa said. Blogroll who you read. Use blogrolling and wholinkstome to find new people to read if you're so inclined.

Keith said...

Thanks to great advice from both Lisa and Lisa. I guess I got a little carried away wishing things were more balanced. But I realize you are both right. I just need to be happy with what it does for me. That is pretty much what I've been doing, but I started to wonder if I was being slighted and if I should be insulted. I've been reminded in friendly ways that I shouldn't gauge myself on what other people do.

Keith said...

Yay - someone is finally blogrolling me! :)
It is so new that it hasn't shown up in any of the searches yet.

Anonymous said...

What would I do? I would and will now Thank you for the reminder. I went thru the list on my site and two links are dead...people I know in Tampa that gave up blogging. ...AND needed to add a few...including yours. I need to update my TiVo list too, but that's a bigger project. Well, I don't update it at all...Ryan does..but still.

Thanks for the reminder!


Keith said...

well, the blogrolling finally shows one person linking back. But wholinkstome still shows nobody. So I guess you were all right: wholinkstome isn't worth taking at face value, and it isn't worth getting stressed about people linking back to me.

Anonymous said...

I find new blogs linking to me via Technorati, you just enter your main url and have a look see.

Keith said...

Thanks Anonymous! I check and saw some of the other blogs linking to me.

I also went back again and checked blogrolling. I've got two people linking me. One I had purchased blogshares in, but had not linked. Littlebits is now on my blogroll too!

And then it hit me - there is a chance that I was blogrolled by different urls. I have blog.kah731.com pointing to here kah731.blogspot.com. So when I checked that I found more. And then I tried without the trailing slash. More. Egg on my face. Time for an appology entry.