Anonymous Comment About Suspension

A note to the person from RoadRunner ISP in the SouthEast of the US running Windows XP who left an anonymous comment about my son's suspension.

I might take your comment a little more seriously if you had the courage to sign your comment.
I might take your comment a little more seriously if your writing wasn't simply inflamitory. At best it was a cheap attempt to upset me. But the inflamitory wording stole any valid meaning from your comment.

And your saying that I accept and excuse his actions shows how little you really read of what I wrote and how little you know me. But that is okay, I wouldn't care to know someone like you.

I debated deleting the comment as having no value. But instead I'll leave it so other visitors can also enjoy laughing at your pathetic attempts to hurt with your closed-minded words.

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Stef said...

Don't you just hate it when people have something inflammatory to say, then hide behind anonymity? Cowards, I tell you. Just cowards. I just delete the comment and move on. The person leaving the comment knew that what he/she/it wrote was written just to rile you up, and you don't have to cave. You have just as much right to say whatever you want on YOUR blog, and if he/she/it doesn't like it, too bad! You don't write for them, you write for yourself and the people who read your blog regularly.