Wipe Your Old Computer

There was a question posted on one of the mailing lists I read. The email asked about a way to deliberately crash a computer. They wanted to do this before giving away the computer. So I realized that they really just wanted to wipe the computer.

I did a quick search on google, and found a utility on pcworld, called Active Kill Disk

Later I found a Source Forge (open source) program called Darik's Boot and Nuke

Of course this will also wipe out your operating system too. So, say goodbye to Windows. But you can always reinstall Windows.

Of course, I've heard that it can be hard to get up to speed with windows on a new install. Because in most cases to update your computer, you have to connect to the internet. But it is quite possible that your computer could be attacked and infected before the patches you need are downloaded. If you are behind a DSL/Hub or make sure to turn on XP's firewall first you should be ok. But if you are on dial-up or on high speed internet directly, you may have trouble.

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