Tech Out Robot Club

Well, I've taken the first official step. I've set up the Yahoo Group and a Web Site for a Robot Club in Colorado Springs.

After playing with the idea for quite some time now, I finally started my own robot group. I'm planning to set it up so I can still go to the Denver robot club. But I decided I've got enough experience under my belt to start my own. I also have been trying to figure out a name for the group for some time. I decided on TORC, a play on the word torque. The RC for robot club was easy. But I took some time to figure out what to do with TO. I decided on Tech Out. Simple. Somewhat related. Not too deep.
Tech Out Robot Club will be for people in and around the area of Colorado Springs, also known as the Pikes Peak Region.
I hope to get a good group of people together who are interested in autonomous robots. While I'm not really interested in having people who are interested in distructive robots, there is enough crossover that we would have plenty to share.
I hope to have occasional mini-competitions, but that is where I would not have distructive contests.

The next steps are figuring out a meeting place and time, and getting people to join!
And I have to make the web site look more interesting.

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