Shadow Pictures

Catching my shadow on the ground as the light passed between the moving train cars, my back to the train - my - took 5 tries to catch the picture

Shadow of the railroad crossing sign on the side of a coal car as it passed

My shadow, looking through an open boxcar as it moved past

Shadow of bench on the snow

These pictures are for the theme 'Shadow' on: PhotoTime Tuesday


Anonymous said...

These are great to, I know I am not online that much, the photomemes is a passion to do still even I am away for days right now.

But I posted also my shadow today at phototime, did you see that one to? I have to weed trough phototime still as well :-)



(PS, do you know there is a new meme? Sunday Shoot it is called, just started 2 weeks ago)

Anonymous said...

I like your shadow pictures - particularly the bench one.
Best wishes

sherle said...

All of the shadows are great! I kind of like the crossing sign on the passing car best.... ;-)