Scam Baiting

What is scam baiting? It is the process of trying to at least waste the time of a scammer. In some cases, the really successful scam baiters have actually scammed a few dollars out of a scammer.

What scams do they mean? Well primarily they are after the scams that try to get bank information out of their prey by claiming to need help transferring money out of their country, or sometimes claiming that the prey has one an international lottery. Of course once they have bank information, they do not put money into accounts, they siphon off money. And often that money cannot be recovered. The reason is that the primary location that the scammers operate from, it is illegal to be involved in trying to smuggle money out of the country. So anyone who loses money, is considered guilty of breaking a law trying to get money out, so the government doesn't care that the victims lose money instead.

The section of code is 419. Thus this type of scam is catagorized as a 419. Thus the site of the scam baiters is 419 Eater. :)

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