Pictures From Robot Meeting

I went up to the monthly meeting of DARC - Denver Area Robot Club. We meet in Highlands Ranch, which is a Southern suburb of Denver. That makes it a little under an hour drive North for me. It is always great to see what other have built, show off my projects, and share ideas. It is always inspiring. I was a little hesitant to go this time, as I wasn't sure how many people would be there, what with the weather, the time of year, and it being a holiday weekend. But considering the factors, it was a very good turnout. I'm afraid I didn't have anything new to show off. But there were some people new to the meeting, so I was able to show off some of my old stuff.

Click on the title above or picture below to go to my robot sub-blog for 2004-07-03 to see all the [relevant] pictures I took.

Walker in action


lisa said...

Your robots are so cool!!! I wish I knew how to build robots for real. Maybe someday when I have a car (L.A. sucks without one), and I get some of my other priorities out of the way, I will look for a robot club around here. I have a feeling there are a lot in California.

Keith said...

Thanks for you comment Lisa! I wish I could take credit for all the robots shown, but my personal collection is actually pretty small.
My Tuna-Bot is the only full homebrew robot I've built. I've also worked on a few Lego robots. And I've worked on an HC11 board, and had mostly built a Lego platform for it, but that never quite got finished.
Good luck with getting into building robots if you ever can!
The picture of the walker shown on my blog was a project by a fellow enthusiast at Denver Area Robot Club