Ocean Pictures

My father and Step Mother live in Florida, in the Fort Myers/Sanibel area. So I've been down there a few times since I starting taking digital pictures. Here is my collection of Ocean related pictures from the area over the years. I will be submitting them to Photo Friday as seen on Hey-Lisa's site.

All of the pictures have a larger size if you click on them.

2004-05-30 - Water Walk in Fort Myers

2004-05-29 - Fort Myers Channel - Follow the leader with boats

2003-12-20 - Seagull on Seaweed on Fort Myers Beach

2003-12-20 - Fort Myers Beach (a year later then next picture set) - Fort Myers Pier in distance

2002-12-17 - View along Fort Myers Beach from Hotel Balcony

2002-12-17 - Water-Para-Skier, with a smiley face, off Fort Myers Beach

2002-12-17 - Drip Castle, Fort Myers Beach

2002-12-16 - Seagulls in flight, Fort Myers Beach

2002-12-16 - Footprints along Fort Myers Beach

2002-12-16 - Treasure hunter, Fort Myers Beach

2002-12-16 - Bird Pearching on railing of Fort Myers Beach Pier, Some of Fort Myers and Sanibel causway across the bay

2002-12-16 - View along shore from Fort Myers Beach Pier

2002-12-16 - View into the Gulf of Mexico from Fort Myers Beach Pier

2002-12-16 - Seagull on Fort Myers Beach

2002-12-16 - Fort Myers Beach - Seagull on the shore in front of a hotel

2001-06-22 - Sanibel Causway - View towards Fort Myers - Original colors

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