MPEG Encoding

A while back I was looking for a program to convert my digital [still] camera's propritary AVI format to portable MPEG format. Specifically I wanted to convert to MPEG-1. This would play on PCs and Macs without needed special software such as DVD playing software or strange codecs. Well the best program I've found is TMPGEnc. This program converts to MPEG-1, and for a 30 trial will also create MPEG-2.

MPEG-1 is mid to low quality. At it's upper end, it can create VCD quality video files. VCD can put about 1 hour on a CD-R. You can also set the quality down so that a video file can be streamed from the web with low bandwidth.

MPEG-2 is high quality. It is the standard encoding level for DVDs.

MP3 - is an audio encoding method that is part of the MPEG-1 standard. "MPEG1-Layer3" not "MPEG-3" as "MPEG-3" doesn't exist.

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