Fireworks Pictures

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We went to a BBQ at a friend's house in the center of Colorado Springs for 4th of July this year. This is the same thing we did last year. The firend's house is walking distance to Memorial park. This is where the City of Colorado Springs does it's fireworks show. This year was better than last year's show. For one reason, they sent off the fireworks so we could see it from the lake. Last year they did it only over the meadow, and we had to move.

The show started, and lasted about 5 minutes, then stopped. We weren't sure if it was over. After about 10 minutes they started up again. They had a fantastic end to the show.

My digital pictures didn't come out great. But night pictures rarely do with my camera. But thanks to some hints from a friend, the pictures definately came out a bit better than usual. I also got a couple of mini-videos on my digital still camera that came out pretty well. Unluckily they are pretty big files, so I don't have an easy way to share them.

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