Danskin Women's Triathlon

My wife took part in her second triathlon this weekend, sponsored by Danskin.
It took place in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, at the Aurora Reservoir.

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Danskin changed the location of their race this year. The Aurora location was new. It seems that they could use to put in a bunch more organization to the race before the next year.
The directions to the sign-in the day before was confusing, and many people got lost.
The sign-in process was a bit haphazard, a bit illogical, and rather understaffed.
On race day, the traffic to the race was insane. The traffic was backed up onto the highway, E470, in both directions, and on the road was backed up quite some distance. There was a traffic light that was holding things up until shortly before we got there. At that point, the traffic from the reservoir backed up more than 2 miles, all the way to the highway. I was surprised to see no one directing traffic until we got to the parking lot itself.
A large number of people abandoned their cars on the side of the road, and took off to try to sign in on time. It seems the instructions made it very clear that people had to check in by 6:30 to be in the race. I was glad to see that the organizers decided not to see what over 3000 pissed off women looked like, and started the race later.  My wife was one of the ones who went ahead to check in, while I finished driving to the parking.
The walk to the race was a little long, but not too bad. The only real problem was the offroad section at the end. It was steep, and full of cactus and weeds. Not a good place for a stroller. And that is the spot where you watch the bikes start and return, and the runners start. I wound up pushing through there a few times. That was a major workout in it's own right! :)

My wife did very well! She improved her swin and bike time, in spite of feeling rather under the weather. She did it as a team this year, and her friend Jill from massage school did the run part. This was Jill's first time competing, and did very well.
We also had a friend in the race, also as part of a team.  She also did the swim and bike part. Her daughter-in-law did the run. They did very well too!

We are all so proud of all of you!

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rubypurl said...

Thanks, Keith! It was a fun day (although very HOT!), and I was so glad you were there to support us! Kudos to the tri-supporters!!