Cost of Gas

I stopped outside Sam's Club on my way to work this morning to get gas.
My tank showed between 1/4 and 1/2 - but I knew this actually meant less than 1/4 of the tank. Why can't car companies come up with a more accurate gas guage? Probably because it would make the car cost an extra $100.
Well, I decided it was a good time to get gas. I'm hoping to pop up to Highlands Ranch (Southern Denver) for robot club tomorrow, so filling up now made sense.

Well, I had noticed the price up the road was $1.81.9. So when I pulled into Sam's, I was happy to see that the price was 6 cents less: $1.75.9. Normally I wouldn't have noticed a slight descrepancy. But this morning I did notice. The price at the pump was $1.76.9! For a moment I wasn't sure if I misread the sign on my way in. I walked a bit and saw that I was right, the price didn't match. I looked around for someone to ask, but noone seemed to be about. So I took some pictures for proof (continued)

2004-07-02 - Sam's Club - Price on the sign

2004-07-02 - Sam's Club - Price at the pump

So after taking the pictures, I went into the customer desk. I asked about it. They called someone to check on the sign and pumps. The woman was very nice at the counter. A penny difference for a little over 12 gallons was only 12 cents. But she gave me a quarter to make up for my having to go inside :) . They definately made me a happy customer this morning. She mentioned that they would probably have to change the signs again, as it seems they get a price at 10am or so from corporate. Interesting.

So afterwards I realized that based on my time, it wasn't really worth my going into get that adjustment. It probably cost me $5-10 in time that I could get paid from work to go in for those few cents.

But I kinda have a philosophy about getting the change right. I figure that in the long run, I'll lose some and occasionally I'll gain some, so normally I don't even worry about counting my change. Unless something doesn't feel right. But I also felt like while it didn't directly pay for me to get the situation taken care of, I feel sort of like I've paid it forward. If everyone once and a while makes sure to help fix things that affects others, we all help each other. I feel like I've made a small payment forward this morning :)

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Digichrome said...

You forgot to itemize your cost in time to post the story to your blog! Damn! Now I've spent time on the cost of your gas price SNAFU as well! Sheesh. Does it ever end?