Real Genius

For the first time in ages, I watched Real Genius again. I wasn't feeling great, so this movie was the perfect lie-in-bed-and-get-some-rest movie. I think I have this movie on video tape someplace, but I'm not sure where. So I watched it from broadcast TV. I wonder what I missed being 'edited' for television. I could tell there were at least 2 places they voiced over curses. :)

I checked on IMDB on some of the actors to see what they were doing. It was interesting to read that the woman who played the hyper-girl, named Jordan in the movie, has moved out of acting. She is supposed to live in Canada, is a mom of 3, and has taken up being a Zen Buddhist.


btezra said...

~one of my all-time fav 80's flicks~

blackdaisies said...

Wow ... I so loved this movie : ) Misty morning coloured memories - may have to rent it tonight for my poor sick household. I've finally recovered buy every one else is down for the count ... movie night!!