My Blogshares Update

I've been playing blogshares for a short while now. I'm surprised that I seem to be doing well.
My portfolio is at B$808,696.71! :) And I have over B$11,000 cash. But I've been hitting the total transactions in 24 hours limit lately. :)
I bought an 'idea' bond today. I wonder if it will do anything for me.

In case any of you are interested, here are the blogs in my portfolio, and their current price. Click on the price to go to blogshares for that blog. Click on the blog name to visit that blog.

My Blogs:
B$14.70 CSTech
B$65.30 Keith's Pictures
B$46.71 Recycled Electrons
B$15.54 Roboton(no trailing slash)
B$117.89 Roboton(trailing slash)
B$88.42 TechChatter
B$3.00 A Mama's Rant
B$63.66 Anna Banana !!
B$30.62 autowitch - Fair and Balanced
B$3.62 Crusty French Fries
B$1.25 Futuristicky
B$.49 Floopie
B$438.13 Go 2 the Start
B$56.20 Hello World It's Me... Sweety
B$57.93 Hey!
B$200.91 Living as Trinity
B$22.95 misanthropic tendencies
B$3.50 My Single Mom Life
B$72.85 ~*Mi Vida Loca: welcome to my crazy life...
Other blogs I've invested in:
B$.56 Acid-Candy.com
B$22.95 blogpuppy
B$51.12 Born In A Zoo
B$.88 Chubby Momma's Blog
B$3.26 Cupie Spew!
B$1.10 Dusting My Brain
B$.75 First Weblog
B$81.80 Happy Fun Blog
B$.57 Hello from Colorado
B$.66 hidden tears
B$1.99 Iggy's Mental Calisthenics
B$25.94 Jen-O-Rama
B$2.26 Just Add Water
B$132.46 Kris & April's Thoughts
B$.77 Mommy Matters
B$2.75 Pop Culture Shotz
B$35.58 Red's Rants
B$.49 Views of the World

How I wound up with 2 for roboton, and at different prices, I'll never know!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,

I found you via Blogshares, after noting that you'd invested in my blog :-) Do stop on by and say howdy, and best of luck with all your investments!