Job Update

Counting down. One more week. Next Friday is the day my contract runs out. And I know it will not be renewed. With Thanksgiving yesterday, I lost a day;s worth of hours. Not great when I only have one more week. So I figured I might try to put in some extra hours today. But I managed to get to work a bit later than usual. And when I pulled up there were maybe 10 other cars in the parking lot. A parking lot that usually has a couple of hundred. So I guess everybody else has it off. Not the first time it happened. Last time they had the door I used shut off, so I had to go way around front to get in. And then the agency questioned if I really worked that day. I knew they could check the door logs if they wanted. It would show that I came into work, even if everyone else didn't. It wasn't a paid day off for me.

So this past Tuesday evening, the job situation was getting me down. I was wishing I as least had an interview. I have about 4 recruiters that are supposed to be getting me interviews. The latest one wasn't very positive. She had a position that was mainframe support, and the top of their rate was 5 dollars less and hour than I am making. That is a pretty big cut. I said can we negotiate after they see my resume? No, it has to be the rate that I am initially submitted at. So I said I'll go 3 dollars less - 2 dollars more than they rated the position. So I figured that would be the end of that. But Wednesday I heard back. It seems they want to interview me on Monday! I guess my online tech test scores must have impressed them enough. It isn't the kind of job I want. But I am good at it. Maybe if it isn't very interesting work, I'll do something more with training/education. At least the place is real close to my house.


Trinity said...

good luck with the interview. Wear your best suit and wow them! xxxx

Meg said...

Ooooh, you're understandably nervous. Wow. I'd be downright paranoid! Best of luck to you, I'm sure you'll be fine!