Halloween Weekend Pictures

This weekend was a busy Halloween weekend.
Saturday we had a Halloween party. We did most of our decorating Saturday too. We had a bunch of guests: kids and grown-ups. It was a nice time. Most of the food was eaten.
Sunday was religious school in the morning. In the afternoon we finished getting ready for Halloween proper. We carved the Jack-O-Lanterns, and lit them up. We reinflated Snoopy.
Sunday late afternoon we started getting trick-or-treaters. So it was time to get a little nutrition into the kids first. We had a quick, early dinner. Then I took out all 3 boys trick-or-treating. The little guys both set a new record in number of houses visited. My big guy had a friend join us on the second foray. And during the last trip out, his friend's sister joined us in the middle. During this time it got very windy and cold, and then is started to have a slushy rain. This quickly turned to real flurries. Turned out to be a normal Colorado Springs Halloween: snow!

Little edible clay monsters

Spooky punch made with food grade dry ice

Halloween decoration and neat shadow

Me playing caught in the spider web, decorating for Halloween

Out carved pumpkins during daylight, before we lit them

Our carved Jack-O-Lanterns, lit-up

Our decorated house - with the brand new light-up, inflatable Halloween Snoopy, Woodstock and pumpkin

Jack-O-Lanterns and Halloween lights

Skeleton rising out of the grave

A nicely decorated house

More happy pumpkins in the neighborhood

Lit up Jack-O-Lanterns

These Jack-O-Lanterns are glad to see you

A pair of carved pumpkins

A witch 'crashed' into the ground

Little plastic ghosts in a tree

Jack-O-Lantern lights strung on a railing

A bat made out of push in colored light pegs (al la lite-brite)

Light up skeleton 'burried' in the ground

A giant lit-up inflatable stack of Jack-O-Lanterns

Another pumpkin spilling it's guts - 'too much candy' we were told

Pumpkin carving - witch?

House in the neighborhood with the most decorations each year - giant inflatable Frankenstein - nearly the last house trick-or-treating - snow and cold

Giant inflatable spider on the lawn of frankenstein's house - snowing lightly

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lovely house. Your area looks really cool