GuestMap Update - 1 Bogus

Thanks to the people who signed my GuestMap so far!

I got two from people who were new to me. One look like a nice person from Connecticut.

The other was a post from a guy, calling himself Tom.
His pin showed that he said he was from Austrailia.
He post that his town was oompaloompa.
His comment said "Oompa loompa doopity doo.... HI!"
The IP address he posted from was, which is part of the America Online domain. Doesn't sound like Austrailia to me.
His website tomtom.net is just a place holder.
His email tomtom@tom.net bounced.

I have deleted his entry.

Tom, if you are a real person, but are just avoiding spam, please contact me and I'll let you repost.

Only real posts on my guestmap please.

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