eBay: Wedding Invite

eBay item 5527273221 (Ends Oct-22-04 17:40:07 PDT) - 2 invitations to a wedding I don't want to go to

This guy was selling a wedding invitation for two, to a friend's wedding.
Turns out the bride was a former girlfriend or some such. And he parted on not so nice terms with her.
But it gets quite sticky when you read all the followups. It seems there were other invites added to the sale.
Then at the end, he pulled back his sale of the invitiation. It seems the bride called him. He decided to go to the wedding. It seems his plan was to go to the wedding to win her back, and get her to marry him instead. Sounds very sticky. His last comment was a promise to post a followup on his website: twinklydog.net

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