Black Friday

The day after thanksgiving is nicknamed black Friday. It is a huge shopping day, and it often the day that merchants turn a profit for the year.
Most places have the biggest sales of the season just on that one day. So it makes a busy shopping day even more crazy.
We looked through the circulars and say a number of very good prices.
My wife was planning to get up early to go up to Denver when the Disney store opened at 5am. Instead she only got up a little early to hit 3 or 4 stores here in town. Mostly it was technology stuff. She got herself a new color palm. It is a Zire, that is also an MP3 player! I'm so jealous. But not enough to spend another $100, when the palm I have works just fine. She also got a 256M SD memory card for it. And she got me some DVD-Rs real cheap. And a new hard drive. A 160G for only $40 after rebate - now that is a bargain! She picked up a DVD player for the kids. There was one for $20, about half the price of the cheapest normally. But the place for only $20 was sold out before she got there. But there were two other places selling cheaper DVD players - both for $27. But one didn't have any controls on the front. Knowing my kids, that would be a mistake. Relying only on a remote is a bad plan. So she got the $27 one with some controls in front. It is put away for a week, until Channukah. Then my wife took the kids up to Denver and did shop at Disney. She got them each a treat. My youngest got some stuffed animals. The middle boy got a space ship toy that is also a sword - the perfect gift for him! And the eldest, at 11, was too 'mature' for anything at the Disney store, but he accepted getting a new game cube game someplace else.

Before going up to Denver, my wife decided she wanted the 256M SD card for her new palm. As the store she got the SD card at was on my way into work, I agreed to stop in and get myself a new one. But it seems they were out of the 256M SD cards, as I wound up buying a 512M SD card.

I went into work. There were maybe 10 other cars in the parking lot, that usually has hundreds. But I can't afford to lose 2 days of work with only one more week of work, so I went in and did some work. It was a tiny bit spooky as I was the only one in my wing. I saw people in the distance a couple of times during the day, but didn't interact with anyone, except online.

When I got home, I offered to swap the 512M SD card for the 256M. I knew that I really didn't need 512M with my palm, but with the MP3 player on her's, that 512M would make more sense for her. So we swapped. Then I downloaded a bunch of MP3s and a number of pictures to the 512M SD card for her. Out of my 4G+ MP3 collection, she found a little more than would fit on a 512M card that she liked. So we deleted about 5 songs she had picked earlier, and added a few more she liked better. Of course, we can always get some music off of her favorite CDs for her palm. It makes sense to download with my laptop, as it has an SD slot, which is much, much faster than through the USB to the palm. Yet, hot-syncing is now much fast for her. This was an upgrade from serial to USB for her. Yet her laptop only has 1 USB port, with a printer plugged in. So I will have to dig up a USB hub for her. :)

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Trinity said...

Glad you had a great time this weekend. Last time I went out was about 1998 I think !
I got an Ipod so I don't need a palm...I think. What does a palm do anyways?