Son of Frankenstein

Well, the brain transplant turned out to be a failure. Frankenstein couldn't handle the Abby Normal brain.

I had an old computer that I took in a few months back. It has a P2-200. I had tried the P2-200 in my desktop (the one I call Mobius) a few weeks back, but it wouldn't boot. I tried this in the Frankenstein yesterday. It booted up! It took a bit longer to boot up. When my son went to play Age of Mythology, it became pretty obvious that the mini-me brain was not a good option either. The deal was sealed when it crashed. So I took the 700 back out of Mobius and put it back into Frankenstein. My son is happy. But I'm not very happy. I tried the P3-450 (Abby) in the P2's case. No luck. I tried the P2-200 in my desktop again. Still no luck. But it may not be working due to jumper settings on Mobius' motherboard. I wondered if a P2-200 would be good enough for what I use Mobius for. I use Mobius primarily for a file server and CD/DVD burner. So it might be good enough, if barely. But it is also my backup system, in case my laptop ever was having trouble (say if it wouldn't act right after a certain Service Pack is eventually installed).

Well, I decided enough playing around. I had gone online to look at newer P3's when it was pretty obvious that Abby wasn't happy in Mobius. I saw there we some good prices out there. So I went back out this morning to look for a newer CPU for Mobius. It took a few tries. I finally found a link to a site called compgeeks.com, which had a pretty good selection. I decided since Mobius seemed to like a P3-700 (even though the doc only 'allows' for up to 600Mhz), that I would see what I could get that was a little faster. They had a 733 that was listed at $25. Just what the [mad] doctor ordered! But I also perused the P4 options. I considered buying a P4-1.6G, a motherboard and 512 memory for $200. I figured I could pop it into Mobius' case, and be running with CPU that was a little faster than my laptop. It was very, very tempting. I still had enough birthday money that I could seriously consider it. I even considered getting both the new P4 combo and the P3-733, putting the P4 into Mobius' case, and moving the P3 setup into an older case.

But in the end, logic prevailed. I realized that I do almost all my computing on my laptop, and there wasn't a good justification to paying for a fancier CPU for my old desktop. At least not right now. I figured it made more sense to save the money. I could use it to buy a better computer for the kids someday if it is needed. I can also use the money to pay for more robotic things.

So I ordered the P3-733. It is a 133Mhz system bus, vs the 100Mhz bus that Mobius has. But I figured that even if Mobius has a hard time with the 733, I bet Frankenstein will take it. And I know the 700 in Frankenstein works well in Mobius. I even decided to pay extra for faster shipping: 2 days.

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