Mentioned in LockerGnome

Well, it seems that I managed to get noticed by some of the internet big guys.

I had written an entry about Embedding Web Fonts on the blog TechChatter I set up with a friend to post techie stuff. The kind of thing we used to occasionally share by email with each other and sometimes with other friends. The two of use get a lot of 'how does that internet thingy work' kind of questions a lot.

Well, I noticed that we were getting a lot of comments (relatively speaking: 3 from people I didn't know) on the entry. So I checked the sitemeter. I thought the counter had jumped up about a hundred since the last time I had checked. I didn't think that sounded right. I checked the details on the sitemeter for TechChatter. It had jumped up 110 since this morning! I was amazed. I checked the references. Almost all of them were coming from LockerGnome. So I checked the link that kept coming up: Pirillo's Weblog mystifies 'Net citizen.

It was a whole entry referencing back to what I wrote about the font used on Chris Pirillo's Blog on LockerGnome.

Wow - pretty wild! LockerGnome is a pretty widely read site with a bunch of great email lists. I've gotten a large amount of good information reading their newsletters and sites. For them to quote me and link to me is quite an honor!

But wait a second....


They make me sound like I don't know what is going on! At first glance, I didn't know how he did it with fonts, but I looked under the covers, figured it out, and shared it on the TechChatter blog. If I wasn't so honored by the reference, I might be a little pissed or embarrassed by being called mystified. :)

I'm glad the site is on a server that can handle the link. It isn't quite the level of being slashdotted (at least not yet), but it is pretty impressive!

LockerGnome - keep up the good work! Next time I want to be 'Smart' instead of 'Mystified', ok? Hmm - maybe I should shoot for my own service where I can by mystified, and then reveal some of the mystery! :)

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