Blog Theft

I ran across a blog entry. It seems there seems to be a few people out there creating blogs, and posting entries from other people. As in copying an entry from someone else's life, and posting it as their own. In the case described in addressing the theif, it seems a woman has created a blog that is filled with plagiarised work. Not only did she steal a few from tequilamockingbird (who has successfully fought plagiarism before), but she stole from some commercial sites too.

It is a sad, sad thing when someone has so little to say for themselves that they steal life from others.

I guess I need to add a copyright to my blog and check that noone is stealing my work. Or maybe I'm kidding myself that my writing is worth stealing. Of course there is that one site that copied text from an entry I made - but I was mostly flattered at the time.

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