Un*x in Windows

Cygwin is a system that I believe originally came from RedHat. RedHat is a commercial Linux distribution. But CygWin is not a whole operating system. But it does give you a lot of the Linux power under windows. And it merges with windows too. So you can write a shell script that can call windows programs too. Or write winapi compiled programs. I downloaded it last time as an easy way to have a C compiler. It comes with GCC, which also does C++ and more. But I have used it more for shell scripting. I have used it with ImageMagick to script conversion of my digital photos to a screen saver slideshow size.
I also use a dos command utility exiflist.exe to extract the width of the image to know if the picture is landscape or verticle. Perhaps I could have done that with ImageMagick.
Note - a unix verison of ImageMagick can be included when you install CygWin.

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