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I joined the This is True mailing list a long time ago. I still get the free=reduced-sized-with-advertising weekly email. I think the stories are alwahys great - and usually very funny. Although all the zero-tolerence stories from Colorado can also be a bit concerning. Why don't I get the premuim editing? While I think it is a very good service, I'm afriad I don't quite think it is worth how much the premium edition costs.

The honorary unsubscribes are usually very interesting. This is the person who usually obscure, but has made a noticable impact on the world, who has passed on reciently. I give This is True a lot of credit for coming up with someone truely worth mentioning for the underrecogzined contributions.

Also available from the site is the famous 'Get Out of Hell Free!' cards.

This is True by Randy Cassingham - Weird but True News from Around the World

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