Robot Magazines

I subscribe to a few robot-related magazines.

I just renewed my subscription to Circuit Cellar. Circuit Cellar is not specificially about robotics. It is mostly about microcontroller projects. It usually has at least one direct article about robotics, and a lot of the other articles have useful information. I find this magazine has the best details. I like the contests, even though I haven't yet entered one. There is always lots of good reading in this magazine.

Another magazine has been around for quite a while: Nuts and Volts. This magazine has an assortment of articles. Often there is one or more articles on robotics. This magazine has spun off a robot-only magazine: Servo.

Servo is for the robot hobbiest. It has only been publishing a few months. You can tell it still has a little to go to be a solid magazine. This is a great place for a beginner to start, and still has a lot of information for someone who has done a little more with robots. It may be a little bit of a disappointment at first for someone who has done a lot with robots.

If nothing else, these magazines also give place for advertisers. This may be the only way to find out about some products that are out there related to robotics.

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