Outlook Extract Software

I was looking for a way to backup my outlook emails. After doing a quick search on Google, and not being very impressed with what I found, I checked Source Forge for any open source extract tools for Outlook.
I found Outport. It has the ability to extract by folder, with different output formats.

It created a file per email. The file name message#.type. Where the # is the number of the file, starting with '1'. But when you get above 9 messages, the natural sort order of name gets mixed. So I wrote a small cygwin script to rename the files with leading zeros, so all the numbers are always 4 digits.

The first format is an HTML file. But when I opened it in IE, it didn't show anything. Looking at the HTML code of one of the emails, I saw stuff that looked like it was created with word. When I opened it with word, it came up well. So I renamed all the files to .html.doc, so that they will open with word.

Another format is 'outlook item', which is a .msg file, which opens as a stand alone message by outlook.

It also does text version of the emails.

I just wish it did .msg format - raw email style.

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