Hiking Glen Eyrie Again

Rock Formations

Tree and Waterpipe crossing streambed

My step-mother flew into town yesterday for a few days. As she had just been in Salt Lake City for a few days, she was already feeling a little more comfortable with the alititude. I suggested the hike to Dorothy falls. It was a sunny day, so the shady hike up to the falls was a nice adventure. The water flow was much less than a couple of weeks ago. Eitan managed to fall into a pool of water just as we were starting back down from the falls. I wound up carrying him about half the hike back. This made for a bigger workout than I expected :) . It was a wonderful hike. About the only thing that marred it was the fact the a number of of the railings on the bridges at the bottom had been vandalized during our hike. We were still able to get down safely, but there were a couple of places that it made it a tiny bit nerve racking. But the worst thing was to think that there are some people that would do this. It is the kind of thing that can ruin it for a lot of people. And I had to explain to my boys, because they noticed all the pieces that had been broken.
It was a shame my wife was up at school in Boulder and couldn't join us this time! Hopefully next time!

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