Free Business Magazines

I've signed up for a few free business magazines through this site. Sometimes I get a tiny bit more email than I would like from them, but it is mostly with offers for things I don't care about.

I currently have a few free digital subscriptions through them - using the Zinio magazine reader. I don't love Zinio - while the interface is true to the magazine: even the advertising cards have to be turned, and the fold out pages can take 3 or four clicks to get through. The interface feels bloated and slow, even on my 1.4Ghz laptop at full throttle. This even with some of the options turned on to speed it up - like don't show page turning animations.
Also I would have thought that the cost for digital should be a lot less. So far, I haven't seen a magazine I would pay for, but it can be interesting to browse through my free magazines.

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