Burning Multiple CDs

Well, not too long ago I got a DVD+-RW drive. It came with
Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6. My desktop computer already had a DVD-Rom and a newish CD-RW drive. I decided to add the DVD+-RW drive instead of replacing a drive. I figured the CD-RW drive was faster for CD burning, so I left it in for when I wanted to burn CD instead of DVD media.

While going through the screen to make a backup of a CD (using disk copier), I noticed something interesting: The software was offering to burn to 2 CDs at once. So I can burn a CD in my CD-RW drive and another CD with the same data in my DVD+-RW drive at the same time with Roxio v6. They call this 'multi-destination copy'. Pretty neat. I will have to try it soon, just to see how it goes. I suppose it might be faster to burn 2 CDs in a row in my CD-RW drive than to throttle back to my DVD+-RW drive, but it might be fun to try anyhow.

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