Awesome Game Creation

The first item I ordered on Half.Com was:
Awesome Game Creation: No Programming RequiredAwesome Game Creation : No Programming Required(2000)
This is a neat book. At the homeschool cooperative, one of the parents was a local college teacher. He decided to teach a version of his game course to the teens at the coop. As I was not working at that time, I asked to 'lurk' in the class. The teacher was happy to let me. I was glad he did. It was a good class. The book and the class teach you how to get started in creating games using these game building applications. The book covers a few different engines. The engines for the most part require no programming. You import graphics and audio, and drag-and-drop objects, then select options in different windows. In most cases there is some scripting you can do behind the scenes to improve your games. But the kids were able to come up with all sorts of shoting games, a modified driving game and even an adventure game. While Lev was not interest in the class, I told him about it. He got rather interested in it at home. I showed him how you can use the system with paint to create your own animated sprites. He surprised me with his first one - it was better than the one I tried to do for him!

I haven't touched the book in a while, since I've been working. We were over at the neighbor's house, and he mentioned that his son, a little older than Lev, was interested in game programming. So I loaned him the book. I think the boy is more interested in more advanced 3D game programming, but it is a good start.
There is also a 2002 version of the game creation book. Offhand, I can't tell you what difference there is.
I noticed that there appears to be a newer version on 3D game programming in the same series. It must be new, as there are no copies available on Half.Com at this time. Hm - and the publish year is 2004.

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