Survivor: Rupert

While the Survivor season has been over for a while now, I fianlly got around to copying the last two episodes from my PVR to tape.

I was looking at some of the Survivor sites on the web, and came across an interview with Rupert. It certainly continues to show why so many people like him. He could definately cash in big with his popularity. It has already payed for him, getting him that extra Million with 85% of the votes.

Some interesting things in the interview:
"They have a medical box with some, uh, feminine products and condoms." - I have wondered about this for a while.
"Each of you had an actor double on the island." - It does make you wonder! It can't just be for the challenge preview video.
"I’m still plain ol’ Rupert, but now everybody knows me." - And that is part of why so many like him!

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Digichrome said...

Like the rest of the world we fell in love with the big R. I'm so glad he ended up winning a hell of a lot more than Boston Rob. Now, if Amber would just wise up....