Pictures: More Garden of the Gods

Some more pictures I took when hiking at the Garden of the Gods - on New Years Day this year [2004].
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Rock at N Parking Lot

  Rock Wedge               Moon Over Rocks

Rock V                                     Climbers

Downtown COS                             Rock & Sky    

I found that with the Hello software, you can only post one picture at a time to a blog. Sometimes I like to have more, as you can well see from this and many of my other entries. And you can only upload when you are posting to a blog. So to get the pictures uploaded for the Liberty Bell 7 entry, I wound up making 9 entries. Then I captured the URLs of the pictures and create a 10th entry with all the pictures. Then I deleted the entries with just the pictures. This was a frustraiting way to do it. And I worried about confusing people who might be reading my blog during these posts.

To solve this, I created another blog Keith's Pictures. This one will have one entry per picture. Then I can glom them together to make a single entry on this blog. A bit kludgy, but it works. And if anyone just cares about seeing my pictures, they can always just look at my picture blog. But I'll just consider it a dumping ground.

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