My Robots - Point-to-Point

Working on creating my own digital electronic borads using point-to-point wiring method.

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March 2002 - I was on my way to creating a set of two digital electronic boards. The first is an I/O board. This board is responsible for decoding and buffering data on the address bus. It has 1 output port, 6 bits and 1 input port, 8 buffered bits, on the board, for use as a 6x8 switch matrix.
It also has outputs to drive up to 7 more 8-bit output latches - this is for the motor driver board.

The motor driver board uses 5 8-bit latches and 5 dual H-Bridge chips. In practice, only 6 bits of the 8-bit latches are wired to the H-Bridge chips, thus 2 bits per chip for a total of 10 output bits are unused. Later I realized that I was not taking any advantage of the built in PWM on the HC11, so I will have to write my own dynamic version of PWM using some sort of interrupts if I want to have good control over motors.

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