My Blog Format Update

I tried adding Google Search to my blog. You might have seen it sitting on the right in the last week. After trying it a few times, I decided to remove it. It seems Google searches only pages it has indexed to the master Google site. It doesn't do a full search within your site. So, it would not find the entry on fighting spyware for example.

I had asked Blogger support about the option of a master index. I asked for it so that people can at least find any interesting older entries. Also so people canfind an entry even if it falls off the bottom of the archive list.
Because you won't see a linked title on the 'last 10 entries' box if you have more than 10 entries for an archive. Also you may completely lose an entry if you have more entries in an archive persiod than can be displayed in the long list.

As I don't know when or if they will get to making a master index page, I've decided to make my own. I created a cygwin script mkblogix to create a master index file. I then upload it to my ISP server space. And I put a link to the master index on the right side where the search was. It requires the files downloaded by the getmyblog script I posted about the other day.

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