Hail Father's Day

This year we switched Father's day and Mother's day. So in our house it was Mother's day Sunday. I made Yael breakfast in bed. Then she got her gifts. The main gift was a record player. Yes a phonograph. We had one back in NJ that got cranky and stopped working. We didn't bring it with us when we moved to Colorado. So for years we have had records that we couldn't play. Now we can again!

We had friends come by later. Then we went out for lunch. The two dad's got free food for father's day. When we were leaving, the sky looked a bit dark, and it rained on the way back. Then a couple of blocks from the house it started to hail. Usually hail lasts for about a minute or two then moves on. This time the hail lasted about 10 minutes. That gave me a chance to take a few pictures...

Hail on the Driveway

Tree Across the Street During Hail and Wind

Enduring Hail Attempting to Proect a Car

Hail on the Ground and Grass

Hail and Blue Skys


Digichrome said...

Why did you switch the holidays?

Anonymous said...

Friends of ours had 2" hail which destroyed all of their lovely plants and their roof. :(