Sunday - Almost Spring

Had to take my big guy to a Jewish-youth group activity this afternoon. Went down to the skating place. They said - we don't know about that activity. Could it be at our other location [5 minutes back they way we came]? They called - it was. I didn't even know they had a second location. It is laid out almost identically.
They play the music very loud at both places. Too loud for my little guys. My big guy asked what they called it - I said slow-ear-drum-damaging level.

I took the little guys out for some geocaching. I didn't have all my notes with me - but I did have a lot loaded into my GPS. The first one I couldn't find - but as it was just a fake coordinate for a puzzle cache, it is not suprising we couldn't find it. I had my laptop along with a number of the geocache sites pre-loaded on my drive. So I was able to find another couple to try right nearby. We parked near a dog-run, and headed for a micro first. I don't like this smallest size geocache very much, as they can be really, really hard to find. But this one was rated the easist - and it was easy! I went up to the tree my GPS pointed at, and circled it once - there was nothing promising. Then I looked at the tree right next to the first one. I noticed a noce size stone that just looked placed. I bent down, and flipped up the rock, and there it was! :) Signed the log and put it back.
Then the three of us headed up the hill to a small cache. I was hoping to be able to let the kids do a little trading, and hand off a travelbug I got in Denver. We got to the top, and the GPS pointed donw some rocks. I looked in some cracks and crevaces. The GPS was now pointing back up. So we sent up. Then down a crack. The back around. Then back up. I even scaled some rocks, about 10 feet up on one side. No luck. After abotu 15 minutes, I gave up. I promised the boys some time on the nearby playground before we had to pick up the big boy.

The weather was wild today. When we left to go to the skating rink, it was snowing, just a bit slushy. There was also a very loud thunderclap just before we left. A snow-thunderstorm. Unusual, but certainly not uncommon I'd heard. Considering it was slushy, I wondered aloud if it was rain downtown. As we got closer to downtown, I was proven wrong. It was sunny. When I was geocaching with the 2 younger boys, we left our jackets in the car. It was still a bit cool, but the sun was warm. As we went over to the playground, it got windy, cloudy and really cool. Then we stopped by my wife's job on the way back home. We were talking about summer camps with another family we do a lot of stuff with. We left ot head home about 5pm. As we got home, it started hailing, with some thunder and lightning. Small, slushy hail. It kept going until there was more than a 1/4" coating the ground. It stiched to snow, then stopped. I wonder if it will be sunny and clear tomorrow morning - or a snow day. Either way, I bet it is sunny, warm and clear by the afternoon.

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Holden said...

Hi Keith, long time no read :)

Would pls elaborate on the geocache thing? I dun get it...

That's one thing about Colorado that I don't miss. The extremely unpredictable weather.