New Idea for Discovery/TLC

I had another one of my 'ideas' :)

I was thinking about the shows on Discovery/TLC, and basically missing Junkyard wars, when I thought about the formula of their shows.

There is Mythbusters (my favorite) which is basically taking ideas from common culture, and usually figuring out how to make thing blow up.

So I started thinking about what else would be entertaining enough to watch for 50 minutes to see them get around to blowing something up?

I like watching the ones where they have to build something in a limited amount of time - well I like the building thing - the time limits can sometimes get a little annoying.

Then I thought about some of the other shows - like the home improvement shows and the auto improvement and customization shows. Including the ones where they would steel somebody's ride, then trick it out.

So I thought of a merger of all the ideas. Why not have a show, where you get someone out of their house, or get their car away from them. Then the builders have to make a replica - it can be a scale model for a house - that looks just like the one the owner has. Then they blow it up in front of the person (maybe on closed circuit for houses), then say just kidding. Ok, I don't like the idea so much. It is pretty mean. But then so is making someone think their car was stolen.

Hmmm. I guess I'll have to keep thinking about a better idea for keeping people tuned in for 50 minutes of jawing to see something blown up.


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Trinity said...

you're entertaining enough sweetie xx