Cucumber Sushi in home-made Tortilla Wraps

Cucumber Sushi in home-made Tortilla Wraps

I was feeling oddly creative for dinner tonight. I started with cooking rice. I was thinking about veggie sushi. But we didn't have some of the ingredients: no sushi vinegar, no wraps and no wasabi. Well the kids wouldn't miss the wasabi, so that was ok.
But what to wrap it with? Perhaps a thin dough? So I made a thin dough, with soy sauce in it for color and flavor. I rolled the dough thin and cooked them one at a time in a small non-stick frying pan. A couple turned out too brittle, but most of them worked well.
I made 'sushi' vinegar by mixing sugar, water, white vinegar and a tiny dash of salad vinegar. I also added a little salt to bring out the sweetness. I probably could have used a dash less sugar. But overall it came out okay. My eldest liked them a lot. My little guys mostly ate just the cucumber.

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Stef Leppard said...

Looks interesting. Never really got into either sushi or cucumbers much. It's always nice to know that men can cook if they really wanted to! LOL :)