Colorado Ren Fest

Went to the Ren Fest today. We didn't have a long time there. We sandwiched the visit between lunch and getting one of my boys off to a dinner/birthday/sleepover.

I've had an unhappy experience in the past at a Ren Fest, so I don't love going to them. And spending money after money there can be depressing. But I was determined not to let it get me down this time. And I didn't.

I debated going up the climbing wall. I think I might even have had a shot at ringing the bell. But I decided not to go up a wall this time.

We had to leave before the joust. This was disappointing to some in our crew. I offered to take my son to his friend's birthday, and come back. But I was not taken up on that offer.


Lisa said...

Timing is everything, eh? :D We got there just before opening and left around 3:30.

Holden said...

I loved the Renaissance Fair! I've been there once, during the summer after my graduation. A bunch of us international students got one of the school's vans and drove up.

I love the barbequed turkey leg, the weaponry and the games! Can't believe I only went there once in the 3+ years I was in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading Lisa's blog and talking to Ryan about going this weekend. We talk about going every year, but have never gone in our 8 years together...just maybe we will this time!


Stef Leppard said...

Sounds like it could have been a lot of fun. I've never been to a Ren Fair, but know lots of people who have been, and most have a great time. My son Scott was talking about Ren Fairs just the other day. The sixth grade in his school goes to one every year, so his younger brother Marc will be going this year coming up in the fall.