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Visited States:

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I visited a lot of states on a teen tour when I was 14-15: I-80 to CA and back via the Grand Canyon.

And as a family we have driven a number of places over the years:
NJ to MA (many, many times)
NJ to VT (skiing)
NJ to FL (multiple times).
NJ to Canada (North of Montreal).
NJ to CO (moved).
CO to TX.
CO to CA.
CO to FL to NJ to CO.
CO to SD.
CO to NM to NV to UT to CO.
Most trips, included a number of states on route as well - some just driving through - some stopping to visit/stay.

Thanks to Tank's Girl at Mi Vida Loca!

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Atomic Bombshell said...

That would be so much fun if only I'd ever really left California.