What is faith?
Most people think about religion when you talk about faith.
And many would say people don't have as much faith as they used to.
Well, it seems to me, at least in part, people's faith has changed over time.

One of the biggest bits of faith a lot of us face everyday and don't even think about it.
We get in our cars and drive.
How is that faith, you ask?
You may not want to think about it, but I have:
you get in these metal machines. You turn a key to start exploding extremely volatile fuel in what is effectively multiple specially capped cannons, burning the fuel at thousands of degrees.
You carry a whole bunch of this volatile fuel with you. You have faith that these cannons won't fail you and that the fuel will only burn in the cannons.

Then you start driving.
You pull out onto the road, on top of 4 thick walled balloons that you have faith won't pop.

You drive sometime in excess of 50 miles an hour, with cars going the same speed in the other direction, just a few feet away, sometimes inches away!
And you have faith in the mechanics of your machine and the balloons you are driving on. And you have faith in the machines going in the other direction. And you have faith in your fellow human that they will not let their attention wander at the wrong time.

I'd say there is a lot of faith out there. :)

I remember reading a story, from about 100 years ago. Back when cars and trains were carnival side-shows. And a ride in a car or train going 10-15 miles an hours was a fear-inducing, breakneck speed!

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That was thought-provoking!