Diverting PC Game

My son dug up a game I'd played before: Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. My son asked to play. So I installed it on the kid's computer. Then he and I play a couple of scenarios the two previous nights. I forgot how fun it was. :)

We also got the PC game Robots - based on the movie - for our youngest. I tried to install it on the kid's PC, but it wouldn't run the game. Besides the CPU being a little underrated, which I doubt was the problem, the video card doesn't have enough memory. And it is a new video card! I had spent $40 on a new 32M card for my eldest son to be able to play Age of Empires. I had debated spending a little more on a 64M card, but decided that there were no games that would need that much memory any time soon. I guess I was wrong!

So the only computer that can run it is my laptop. I'm not in love with the idea of him playing on my laptop. Maybe if I get a USB keyboard. But I also need to clean up some files. I'm in the process of moving and backing up files on my old desktop/fileserver. So it will wait a bit still.

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