Day Trip to Boulder

My in-laws were in town the weekend before last. We planned a day-trip with them up to Boulder on Saturday.

First stop was the butterfly pavillion

Butterfly - on a branch

Butterfly - Looking up

Butterfly - Eating

Butterfly - On a leaf

After we went to see about the Celestial Seasonings Tour. But it was pretty much filled up. So we decided to go back later.

We drove by a museum of the Old West. There were a bunch of old cars parked in the lot. We headed over for Mexican food. Yum!
As we were finishing up lunch, these old cars started streaming in. The jus kept coming and coming. There must have been 30 or 40 of them. They were coming into have lunch at the mexian resturant we were leaving! Turns out there were a Model-A club.

Model A Club

Model A Club #2

The we went to the Museum of the Old West. Free admission! :) I got a few pictures before the enter-person came up and told me no pictures were allowed.

Museum in Boulder

Museum in Boulder - Outside

Then we went to the Celestial Seasonings Teac Factory Tour. Unluckily it was a cleaning day, so the line was not in action. But it meant no hair nets!

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