Colorado Weather

Tuesday I woke up to a warm, clear morning. The sun was pink on Pikes Peak - I ran back in for my camera and got this picture:

(Sunrise on Pikes Peak)

As I was driving to work, it seemed a tiny bit cooler, and there were some clouds coming over the mountain.

Then it snowed:

(view down from outside my cube at work)

Then it stopped for a while.
Then it snowed the same way again.
I debated moving my car to the lower level of the garage so I wouldn't have to clear snow or ice of the car. But I never got around to it.

Then when I left work, it was clear again. The snow had melted, and there were just a few small puddles left.

It may seem schizophrenic - but I like Colorado weather! :)

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Lisa said...

That's the weather we had in the DTC yesterday. :)