Job Situation

From the interview I had Monday, I was told to expect a call from the section head on the East coast yesterday or today. I did not get the call yesterday.

At work Yesterday I got an email that today they had a team-building outing planned. A number of the groups were going to see the movie National Treasure. I had just see the movie this past weekend. Also I wasn't sure of the value of going on a team-building outing with only 3 days left on the job.

I was still undecided as the day went on. It was getting close to time to decide when the phone rang. It was the section head from the interview. He talked to me for about 10 minutes. Overall I thought it went well.

I figured I had enough time to make it to the movie, and I decided that I was in the mood for popcorn. I also was losing concentration on the project I was trying to finish up, so I thought the movie would be a good break. I'd have to pay for the movie, but the company should pay for my time as if I worked.

I thought the movie was a little hokey the first time. But it was still pretty fun to watch the second time. The movie was about 3/4 done when my cell phone rang. I went outside and called back. It was the recruiter from the interview.

It seems she had tried to reach me since about 1/2 hour after the phone interview. She told me that the company offered me the job.

I was pretty happy. It was a big stress relief. Yeah, it isn't an exciting job. It is a cut in pay. It is odd hours. But it is close. There is no off-hours on-call. And it would be the shortest time out of work since I've moved to Colorado: 3 weeks.


blackdaisies said...

Congratulations : )

Anonymous said...

Three weeks - that's nice. Congrats on the quick job find!

Anna Banana

Lisa said...

Speedy! Congrats! I wish Blogger had an RSS feed. Does Blogger have RSS feeds? :D

Keith said...

It does!
I put a link with the feed at the XML icon with a label of 'Feed'.