Trip East - Mohonk

Well, there may be a couple of you that noticed that I haven't done much with my blog lately. The main reason is that I was away on vacation. Last week we flew back to NJ and NY to see family. The trip culminated in another visit to Mohonk.

We spent Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon at Mohonk. It was a grand visit. This year we had even more family there. One of my favorite things to do there is hiking the rock scramble and crevice. When I have enough time, sometimes I'll even start with the labyrinth. This time I went through the whole labyrinth all the way up the crevice and up the tower twice! We went as a group on Saturday. But after getting through the labyrinth, and feeling some rain, the rest of the group decided to take a stairway up to a main path. I kept going all the way, leading a couple of strangers who were new to the hike up the crevice.
Even though I was kind of sore, most of the group wanted to try again. My two older boys wanted to try. My eldest lagged behind at first, so I stayed with him. My middle boy went on ahead with the rest of the family. I love doing the rock scramble, because I've found that I can be surprisingly sure-footed across the rocks. After the labyrinth, and as we were nearly finished with the rock scramble, I noticed my eldest started to go from being very reserved to becoming the same kind of sure-footed on the rocks as I. This was late Sunday morning, and after climbing up the tower, we were treated with the clearest, sunniest sky of the weekend.

Mohonk Mountain House on the lake

Mohonk Mountain House - the dock and lodge

View from the gardens to Mohonk mountain House

The path divides - on to the crevice

Rock against the sky, hiking the rock scramble

Climbing up ladders in the crevice

Picture of me in the crevice

Picture of me at the top of the Mohonk tower

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